SmartGov: Social Media Campaign for the Improvement of Mobility and Cleaning Services of the Municipality of Limassol

Our city centre and Anexertisias street are facing a major problem of waste production and collection. Waste, together with the activities of our waste collection vehicles, reduce the liveability and walkability of the pedestrian areas, as well as the attractive public spaces in our city centre. During summer, the problem worsens. Consequently, this calls for appropriate actions and solutions.

With the European-funded research project SmartGov, the Municipality of Limassol aims to provide a much-improved waste collection service to help residents, shop owners and restaurant owners in our city centre with the disposal and collection of their waste, and thus allow our fellow citizens to enjoy a cleaner city. We are looking for effective and feasible local strategies that work well at city-level, but also at a micro-level in streets and neighbourhoods. For example, we are considering potentially altering the routes of the waste collection vehicles for their better navigation.

The SmartGov project is co-funded by the Research Promotion Foundation under the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) call of the JPI-URBAN EUROPE programme. The Cypriot consortium consists of the Cyprus University of Technology, Interfusion Services Ltd and the Municipality of Limassol. You can find more information on the SmartGov project by clicking on the following links :

We need the local knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas of our citizens.

Within the project, the Municipality provides an Opinion Map, on which you can post your comments and your suggestions with a simple click. Please, do not hesitate to express freely your opinions, tell us what you think and offer any of your ideas.

In addition, we ask our citizens to answer several questionnaires concerning the basic problems that influence mobility in Anexartisias Street regarding the Cleaning Services and use of pavements.

The questionnaires, as well as the Opinion Map, can be found below and answered anonymously. 

You may also make use of our Facebook page as a platform for conversation: to comment and leave your messages regarding the issues of waste collection and pedestrian mobility, and also to highlight the areas that require actions for improvement. You may also use Twitter to post your ideas.

Use the hashtag #cleanerlimassol in all your messages so that we can easily discover your opinions.

Get involved. Collaborate with your Municipality and its Cleaning Services. Help us improve our city. We will use your ideas to identify the best possible solution.

Offensive and disrespectful content or language will be removed.


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