Gardening and Greenery Services

The Department constitutes a part of the Municipal Engineering Department and is responsible for carrying out the maintenance of the city’s green areas.

The Municipality’s staff and third party contractors (through tenders) maintain more than 350 green areas along the coastal front, the Garyllis Linear Park, the Municipal Garden, the GSO, the Ayia Fyla roundabout as well as trees and median strip greenery on major roads and the city centre,  and trees on sidewalks.

It further contributes to the landscaping of projects (structural and non-structural), the approval of green areas resulting from the separation of plots and the maintenance of constructions and mechanical equipment of artificial lakes.  

Tree pruning

The Department offers tree trimming and pruning services. Each case is processed once a year, following a request made to the Department, by telephone or in writing to the Municipality, filing each request in the tree pruning program.

The time of execution of each request depends on the number of trees and the relevant fund which is predetermined and taken seriously into consideration upon prioritizing the requests.

With regard to requests for cutting off trees from pavements, they must be made in written and subsequently evaluated by the Department which will request for a felling license from the Department of Forests for those species included in the Forest Law.  

Telephone No.


Working Hours
Monday to Friday 8:00 – 14:00