Municipal Health Services

Responsibilities of the Department

  • Inspection of food safety and food premises
  • Supervision of the proper implementation of Good Hygiene Practices and Food Safety Management Systems by companies
  • Food sampling as defined in the National Sampling Plan in force
  • Cleaning of open spaces, plots, towing of abandoned cars
  • Crop-dustings
  • Dog registration
  • Examination and treatment of complaints
  • Environmental health issues and nuisances
  • Taking legal action in cases of breach of Laws and regulations relating to both food and nuisance issues.
  • Raise awareness among the general public about health safety issues
  • Pest control and eradication of rodents
  • Monitoring noise pollution caused by leisure centres
  • Cleaning of the city (pruning – scrap objects)
  • Participation in European programs to secure Sustainable Energy Action Plans
  • Free energy auditing in city homes and advice on how to reduce power consumption
  • School visits to raise awareness among students about environmental issues
  • Issue of Sanitary certificates
  • Issue of Health Certificates

Payments are made at the Municipal Health Services for the following :

  • Cleaning of land plots
  • Payment of licenses for possession of dogs
  • Payment for the Issue of Health Certificates
  • Payment for the issue of Sanitary Certificates

Telephone No.: 25884590

Corner Yiangou Potamiti & Saripolou street

Working Hours: 

Daily 8:00 – 14:00 

Health Services offices at Ayia Fyla 

Telephone: 25770620


Health Services offices at Zakaki

Telephone: 25770620