Wine Festival Program

Saturday, Opening Ceremony 9/10/2021, 8.00p.m.

The Wine Festival celebrates its 60th anniversary by retracing the past before turning to the future.

A total of six singers from the world of opera and musical theatre will accompany us as we embark on a 20-minute musical journey back in time.

Participating artists:

Marios Andreou                   tenor

Marios Aroditis                     tenor

Savvas Potamitis                   baritone

Stelios Georgiou                   tenor

Mariza Anastasiadou           soprano

Riana Athanasiou                 soprano

“Marios Tokas” Municipal Garden Theatre, 7.30pm


Sunday, 10/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • Dimitris Basis and a 9-piece orchestra pay tribute to Stelios Kazantzidis and Dimitris Mitropanos.

Monday, 11/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • "Cyprus' sweet wine" - wine songs by the “Georgalettoi” choir.
  • The “Paraskinio” theatre group presents a comedy by Giorgos Theodosiou.

Tuesday, 12/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • Rebetiko, serenades and folk songs by “Dionysos” Cultural and Dancing Group with the participation of Bambis Tertos, Sofia Papazoglou and Petros Kouloumi.

Wednesday, 13/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • “Drink wine for longer life”- a concert by Michalis Violaris and Christiana Pavlou, accompanied by Admitos Pitsillides’ band.

Thursday, 14/10/2021 7.30p.m.

 Theatro Yeliou presents a Cypriot comedy.

Friday, 15/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • The Limassol Folklore Association performs dances and songs from Cyprus, Crete and the Dodecanese islands with the participation of Michalis Tterlikkas, Michalis and Petros Kouloumi and other Cypriot musicians. The aforementioned will be complemented by the Cretan music band “Kritaioi” and the Rhodian band “Yiannis Kladakis”.

Saturday, 16/10/2021 7.30p.m.

  • Closing ceremony: concert by the popular singer Konstantina.


Playground area behind the “Vraka Man” statue 7.30p.m.

Sunday, 10/10/2021

Wednesday, 13/10/2021

Friday, 15/10/2021

Saturday, 16/10/2021 


Sunday, 10/10/2021

The Cypriot group of magicians Liotatis presents a magic show for children.

Caricature Exhibition

Caricature Exhibition on wine, in collaboration with the Association of Cypriot Caricature Artists “GEL.A” and “Pin’s Sketch and Caricature Workshop”.

Photography Exhibition

The Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Photographic Society – Limassol Branch present a photography exhibition on vineyards, Cyprus wine and the Wine Festival in general, from 1961 to date.

Photography exhibition by Kyriakos Andreou, featuring black and white and coloured photographs from the 70s to date.

Traditional Handicrafts – Local Crafts

  • Pottery making (glass and small bowls)
  • Embroidery and weaving
  • The art of making the traditional Cyprus flute
  • The art of gourd (pumpkin) engraving

Historical Archive

Lectures on wine in cooperation with the Cyprus Oenophile Association.



The Municipal Garden area will be configured to accommodate 4 taverns – restaurants with live music.

Other Events:

10 October at Arsos village

  • The Limassol Folk Research Club performs traditional dances.
  • A traditional music performance by the “ANTAMA” group, consisting of Anna Aristeidou, Nikolas Vryonis and Grigoris Ioannou.

17 October at Doros village

  • The Cultural Club “Zidros” performs songs and dances. Live music by folk musicians.
  • Stefanos Pelekanis and his band pay tribute to traditional singing.

A safe pass is required to enter the festival. Entrance to the Garden Theatre is only allowed with proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in accordance with the decrees issued by the Minister of Health.