Departments and Services


This Department serves as the backbone for the Municipality. Assist Municipal Council

Technical Department

Street/Road Network Planning 
Zoning Studies 
Complaints of a technical nature

Financial Department

Payroll preparation 
Payment of creditors 
and other expenses

Public Health Services

Conduction of health inspections 
of food preparation and 
distribition premises

Cultural Services

Organisation of cultural, artistic, social and other events of Municipality

Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal support to the Municipality
and Municipal Services.

Personnel Services

Implementing the specified 
personnel administration
policies and procedures

Tax Department

Imposing and collecting 
taxes, fees, rights 
Examining objections

European Affairs Office

Manages European projects and networks in which the Municipality participate.

Municipal Traffic Wardens Department

Traffic Wardens main objective is the improvement of road safety

Gardening and Greenery Services

Responsible for carrying out the maintenance of the city's green areas

Cleaning Services

Waste collection 
Sweeping of roads 
and pavements