The main objective of Limassol Municipality Sports Office

The main objective of the Limassol Municipality Sports Office – in collaboration with all sports bodies and organisations – is to propose and implement programs and actions that will be a substantial social intervention on our part with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of our citizens through sports, the development of interpersonal relationships and the creative use of their free time.

Therefore, with the slogan “If you want to be more ACTive you can!”, exercise becomes sport; sport becomes physical and mental health and culture”, the Office strongly believes that it is important to get our children on the right track, providing them with the appropriate guidance and support, as to create our future sports and society role models. Acknowledging that children  set off on the journey to develop their character and skills in elementary school, our aim is the immediate and permanent promotion of sports and exercise starting from primary education – always guided by and based on the principles of “Fair Play”. 

Throughout its range of activities and by promoting the health benefits of exercise, the Sports Office aims to encourage citizens, regardless of gender, age or social class, to engage in physical activity and sports at all levels. Sports Bring Us Together and Together We Can. With new ideas and innovations, Limassol’s ultimate goal is to become a European City of Sport. 

The Sports Office’s five Pillars of action include the following:

1.         Encouragement of citizens to lead a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to improve their fitness and health in general and to experience a greater sense of control over their well-being through exercise. 

2.         Organisation of Local and International Sporting events.

3.         Close Cooperation with schools.

4.         Organisation of educational and training seminars and lectures by various specialised scientists from Cyprus and abroad on various health and exercise related topics such as sports psychology, nutrition, use of nutritional supplements and substances, lifelong exercise etc.

5.         Promotion of sports and physical activities for children with special educational needs and physical disabilities.