2017 Report – 2018 Programming

Limassol is entering a new era with much greater growth opportunities and challenges. Our development philosophy focuses on a dynamic and balanced growth that will contribute to the creation of social value and benefits for all citizens.

Municipal Restructuring

Based on a series of studies, six actions will be implemented to radically change the mode of operation of the Municipality: 

  • Reorganisation of departments and adequate staffing
  • Definition of procedures and introduction of internal controls
  • Computerisation on a horizontal level
  • Establishment of a Call Centre to assist, serve and communicate with citizens
  • Adoption of a vehicle fleet management system
  • Creation of a communication and public relations team


Limassol through Projects

  • Development projects: 2nd and 3rd phase of Ayias Fylaxeos street (the Evagoras Lanitis street).
  • Projects in neighbourhoods based on municipal funding. A call for tenders for a total of 3 projects has already been issued regarding the creation of eco-friendly neighbourhoods in the areas of Ayios Spyridonas, Omonoia and Ayios Nikolaos. Our aim is to implement similar projects during the next 4 years in every neighbourhood of our city.
  • Implementation of 11 projects of a total budget of €22 million, co-financed by the European Structural Funds. A call for tenders has already been issued for the following projects:
  • Redevelopment of Misiaouli & Kavazoglou street
  • The “Green Walk” project
  • Reconstruction of Facades
  • 1st phase and redevelopment of the Nikos Roussos square
  • Development of the area between the Limassol Marina and the New Port, a zone with huge potential, able to determine the character of the whole city centre area.  New, unanimous suggestions were formulated by the Municipal Council for the City Centre Area Plan.
  • Integrated Casino Resort at Zakaki, with a conference capacity of 1500 delegates and a hotel with a capacity of 500 beds
  • Ladies Mile coast master plan
  • Flood protection works of a total value of €28.5 million in the northern areas of the city have already been undertaken by the Sewerage Board of Limassol – Amathus (SBLA).
  • Utilisation of the municipal unit of Enaerios by means of a BOT. Call for tenders for the conduction of a feasibility study and identification of tender terms and conditions for a strategic investor.  Our aim is to achieve exemplary growth by creating an inviting public space that will generate revenue, upgraded infrastructure for the public, a spacious square and public parking.
  • Reconstruction of Heroes Square, a one of a kind square in an urban core in Cyprus. The Municipal Council has already approved the architectural tender process.   
  • Resumption of management of the Fitidio Athletic Centre – GSO. Creation of a vibrant space for social sport, a meeting point for students and a sports museum to highlight the sporting history of Limassol.

Everyday life

  • Traffic, public transport, lack of parking spaces, level of cleanliness, parks and greenery areas, noise, pollution etc.
  • Soon we will have the first results deriving from an integrated traffic study conducted in order to mitigate traffic congestion on the coastal road and the city centre in general. The aim is to identify large plots suitable for the creation of parking lots to meet the needs of the citizens, both around and in the heart of the city centre, i.e. the T/C plot located next to the Trakasol Warehouses, the Epameinonda plot, the plot located on Ferzit Pasha street near the Ayios Antonios shurch, the plot opposite Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre etc.  
  • Revitalisation of the city shopping centre as to reverse its downward course by implementing drastic and far reaching measures.  

Culture – Social Policy

  • Operation of the new Municipal Arts Centre – Papadakis Warehouses
  • Completion of the Municipal University Library
  • Maintenance and restructuring of the former Gevo building
  • Improvement and upgrade of the largest folk festivals of Limassol, namely the Carnival and the Wine Festival, as well as all summer cultural events in general
  • Set up a Fund for cultural activities to support artists and creators of our city  
  • Further strengthening of municipal social policies by creating new infrastructures for the social multifunctional centres in the social housing areas on Misiaouli & Kavazoglou and Filellinon streets.  

Extraversion and action

  • Limassol is an extrovert city. Exchanges and collaborations with St. Petersburg, Marseilles, Haifa and Thessaloniki
  • Cooperation with the other 5 municipalities of greater Limassol, in five areas:  
  • Partnership in Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Street lighting conversion to LED
  • Single maintenance and repair of traffic lights contract
  • Single bus stops contract
  • Upgrade of the services and operation of the Odysseus Counselling Station against substance abuse and addictive behaviours.  

The future

The growth and development of Limassol is a collective effort. Despite the fact that the Limassol Municipality plays a central role, synergies with organised bodies and active citizenship consultation are required. Hard work, political will, collectivity and spirit of consensus contribute to the creation of a solid foundation for Limassol, a city that fulfils all necessary conditions for a rapid development with strong growth in the years to come, equitably sharing the benefit to the citizens in all its neighbourhoods.  Now that we are recovering from the recession, we can be a role model and set the example for the rest of Cyprus. Together, we can determine our steps based on productivity and social sensitivity.