Pattihio Municipal Theatre

The Pattihio Municipal Theatre of Limassol is entering a brand new dynamic period, the most unique time of its lifelong existence.

With a full renovation and with the latest equipment, our theatre is ready to respond to the technical and artistic demands of our times.

The Pattihio Theatre aims at fulfilling the demands and the expectations of the public, as well as the artistic community of Cyprus, by providing an exceptional space for extremely well organized and high level performances.

At the same time, we are setting up productions and establishing affiliations that will motivate and promote the creative process of the Cypriot artists and companies, the collaborations with similar artists and companies from abroad, and finally the opportunity to present performances from abroad with a high level of interest to the Cypriot community.

Pattihio is an open and friendly theatre, a creative and approachable cultural organization as the friends of culture, the organized cultural associations, the independent producers and the whole artistic community of Cyprus envisioned it.

The Director : Vasos Argyrides


History of Pattihio Municipal Theatre

TOWN LIFE MEANS, above all, cultural development. The town of Limassol, with a long tradition and always a pioneer in cultural matters, envisions its continuation and the future. From its beginnings in 1949, the Pattichion Municipal Theatre – then the privately-owned Pallas Cinema – played its own significant role in the town's cultural and social life. Having been donated to Limassol Municipality in 1986, the Pattichion was transformed into a 740-seat theatre, the biggest in the district.

The theatre was made available for a low rental and with no restrictions to any organisation in the town (schools, trade unions, educational and youth
organisations, cultural associations, classical and modern dance groups, amateur and professional theatre companies, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC), government and other bodies) to stage performances, hold meetings, cinema shows, seminars, national celebrations and every type of cultural event. The constant development of the town and, in particular, the regeneration of the historical centre in which the Pattichion is strategically located, combined with the needs of the Cyprus University of Technology, which does not have its own theatre, are today calling upon this historic building to play a new, upgraded role.

The inauguration of the theater took place on 25 November 2016 by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis.


Contact Information

Ag. Zonis 4
3027 Limassol

Phone No:+357 25377277
Fax: +357 25 376 222

Box Office Hours
Monday – Friday
10:00-13:00 και 16:00-19:00

Tickets are also available online, on the website :