Municipal Cultural Centre Panos Solomonidis

This building was donated to Limassol Municipality by fellow citizen Panos Solomonidis, who bought the building which once housed Kouvas’ lithography centre in 2004.

The Municipality undertook the project of the restoration of the old, northern side, as well as the erection of the new, southern side.

The Cyprus Theatre Museum was made a reality because of the combined efforts of Mr. Panos Solomonidis’ donation and the Municipality’s decision to make a good use of the building.

The Council of Ministers approved a subsidy of 555.000€ in order to contribute to the building’s restoration, in particular the part which would house Cyprus Theatre Organization’s theatrical compilations, as well as the collections of Nikos Nikalaidis and Marinos Kousoumidis. This wouldn’t be possible without the suggestion of the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the Cyprus Theatre Organisation’s directorial board.

The cluster’s surface area is 2.500 sq ms and consists of five areas which can operate separately.

  • - The Cyprus Theatre Museum
  • - Event hall of 200 seats
  • - Designated two floor area of 600 sq ms which the Municipality will use 
       as additional museum area
  • - Restaurant (Café located on the ground floor)
  • - Spacious foyer suitable for exhibitions and other events

The total cost of the project reached 3.0€ millions and was financed by the Municipality’s annual budgets. A total amount of €275.000 was given by the Conservation Fund of the Town Planning and Housing Department.

The lithographic centre of Kouvas’ family was a ground breaking industry for its age, and provided excellent examples of labels, boxes and other material for the food, drink and other goods industries in Cyprus.

The Municipality’s and the state’s intervention in the heart of the Old Quarter aims to give a fresh air to a large area of the eastern part of our city and to enrich Limassol’s building, museum and cultural potential.

The centre’s opening took place on 2 July 2010 at the presence of the President of the Cyprus Republic.


Contact Information

Panou Solomonide 3032 Limassol


Telephone No.
99 311927

25 365 497