Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal support to the Municipality and Municipal Services in order to promote the aims/ objectives/ interests of the Municipality. In particular, the Department:

1. Provides legal advice and opinion to the political bodies of the Municipality (Mayor, Municipal Council, Committees etc.) ensuring the legality of the Municipality’s actions.

2. Provides legal advice and guidance to each department of the Municipality as well as to the institutions and other legal entities of the Municipality ensuring the legality of their actions.

3. Processes and opines about public administration actions concerning the Municipality. 

4. Processes and ensures the legality of all contracts concluded between the Municipality and third parties, as well as all announcements of the Municipality with regards to assigning projects, supplies and services to third parties.

5. Represents the Municipality in legal cases both in and out of Courts and before Administrative Authorities to defend the interests of the Municipality. 

6. Keeps up to date with the relevant legislation and case law and maintains an updated register with legislation and regulations of interest to the Municipality. It further carries out various economic studies and costing. 

7. Keeps a copy of the relevant documentation and information for the needs of the Legal Department.

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