Sports Families Award Ceremony


The “Sports Families” (3 family members and over) award ceremony was held this year for the very first time on 24.9.2019. The event was organised by the Sports Office of the Municipality and was attended by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Mr Costas Hambiaouris. 

In a very moving atmosphere and in the presence of great sports personalities, athletes who excelled in all kinds of sports, thus honouring our country in the best possible way, gathered at this one-of-a-kind event. This event was warmly embraced by the public, leading in its establishment as an institution since the ultimate goal is to honour all Sports Families in the exact same way.  

The Mayor, clearly moved by the presence of these prominent citizens of our city, stated: “Tonight, the City Council on behalf of all Limassolians honoured 52 top athletes – 8 of whom are no longer among us – who made history in the field of sports. These 52 citizens are part of our city’s sporting history. Tonight’s event was a debt of honour. Limassol expressed its gratitude and repaid the debt of honour to these prominent citizens.”

The chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee, Mr Loizos Mavroudes, and a key contributor to the event, said: “Team sports contribute to socialisation as they take place in an environment of teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship. Tonight, we honour people who supported and promoted these values in this groundbreaking event held by the Limassol Municipality and the Sports Office. A sports family is not created by chance. The spirit is imparted from generation to generation. I am absolutely convinced that every family here with us today has its own great story to tell. We would like to thank you for what you have given us and for what you continue to offer to us, as well as for the role you play in our society today”.

We would like to thank the Minister who honoured us with his presence, the Mayor, the Members of Parliament, the Chairman of the CSO, the Municipal Councillors and all those who attended the event. 

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