Olympic Size Swimming Pool at the rear of Olympia Athletic Society Grounds (GSO)


Limassol Municipality proposes to the Cyprus Sports Organization the construction of a swimming-pool with Olympic specifications, offering for this purpose  two big municipal plots which have been recently bequeathed to our city by the Great Benefactress Ms. Niki Fitides. According to the proposal of the Municipal Council, the Olympic Size Swimming-Pool will be constructed exactly behind the Phytidio Athletic Centre – GSO and will attract hundreds of children who practice swimming as a sport, while it will support the four Nautical Clubs that have their home in Greater Limassol.

“The construction of a modern swimming-pool will have a number  of social benefits for the citizens and it will support the further development of the  sport”, mentions the Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Nicos Nicolaides. He also points out that the location of the swimming-pool in a prominent area, adjacent to the Olympia Athletic Society Grounds (GSO) and just opposite the Olympion Seacoast,  defines  the prerequisites for the creation of a unique athletic infrastructure. One of our main objectives, the Mayor notes, is to create a multi purpose sports facility with infrastructure for a number of sports and not only for swimming.”

It is proposed that the Olympic Swimming-Pool should be constructed in the north part of the Phytidio Athletic Centre (GSO), which is already in the process of restoration, based on the agreement between the Cyprus Sports Organization, Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus University of Technology. The Swimming-Pool will be able to host the Nautical Swimming Clubs of Limassol, Mesa Yitonia, Famagusta and Kyrenia and become also a pole of attraction for foreign athletic clubs and in this way boost Sport Tourism. Furthermore, this will result to some vital benefits for the Greater Limassol city of three hundred thousand inhabitants since many children will have the opportunity either to learn to swim or to practice other pool sports.

It is pointed out that the existing Swimming-Pool in Germasogia area is not adequate to cover the needs of the four Nautical Swimming Clubs, resulting to the deprivation of some children of the opportunity to enroll  in the sports of swimming and water-polo.