Dear Citizens,

Proper waste management and disposal is very important for environmental and economic reasons and should be carried out as follows:

  • Household waste should be disposed of in special bags in outdoor built-in litter bins or hermetically closed waste bins.  Waste is collected twice a week and should be disposed of for collection on the specified days and hours (for more information, please contact the Municipal Cleaning Services at 25362201).
  • RecyclingPMD and paper bags are collected once a week from all premises by Green Dot. Glass containers should be disposed of in bell-shaped bins located in various parts of the city.  
  • Bulky waste (such as furniture, debris, electrical appliances, pruning etc.) is disposed of in green points. The nearest green point is located at Fasoula and is expected to operate very soon. Bulky waste/ pruning can be collected by the Municipality upon notifying the Municipal Health Services by telephone at 25884590.
  • Clothing – footwear is disposed of in special bins located in various parts of the city.  
  • Batteries are disposed of in special battery collection bins located in public buildings, banks, supermarkets, schools etc.

For more information or for household hazardous waste disposal (i.e. cooking oil, expired medicines or prescription drugs, electrical appliances, light bulbs etc.), citizens can contact the Municipal Health Services at 25884590.