The Limassol Municipality, aiming at protecting the health and welfare of its residents and visitors, and containing the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), informs the public as follows:

 With reference to the prior decision on the cancellation of all events organized/ co-organised by the Municipality or other bodies that were to be held in municipal places/ premises scheduled until 31/03/2020, it is noted that the cancellation period is extended until 30/04/2020.

  1. The operation of the Municipal Kindergarten, the Open School, the Papadakeio Municipal School of Music and other educational schools/ activities of the Municipality will be suspended until 10/04/2020.
  2. The Municipality will disinfect thoroughly both municipal premises and public spaces.
  3. The Municipality and its several departments will be open to the public by appointment only which may be set up over the phone and only if deemed absolutely necessary. 
  4. The public may receive information and contact the relevant departments of the Municipality by calling 77777788.
  5. Civil marriages scheduled until 30/04/2020 are suspended. Special cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Museums, Theatres, Libraries, Cultural Centres and the Zoo will remain closed to the public.
  7. All Municipal cash desks will remain closed. The public is invited to settle their payments online through the website In respect of the payment of taxes for which the deadline was 31/03/2020, it should be noted that the deadline has been extended to 31/05/2020.
  8. The Municipality urges the public to avoid visiting the playgrounds of the Multifunctional seaside Park, the Municipal Garden as well as other municipal parks.  

The above measures are in line with the Council of Ministers’ decisions and the relevant instructions of all competent Ministries. With these measures, the Municipality implements the above decisions/ directives to protect both its citizens and its employees, while these measures may vary depending on developments and/ or any instructions given by the Government.  

Citizens are urged to demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and to regularly check the Municipality’s website and social media for any updates on measures/ instructions.