A message of hope from Limassol with Carnival amidst the pandemic


Limassol Municipality, honouring the tradition and sending a message of hope to the whole of Cyprus, organizes this year again, a series of festivities for the great popular Carnival feast .A festival that has been taking place uninterruptedly for more than a century regardless of political and financial situations.

This year, in the middle of the pandemic, Limassol Carnival, although it will have a different format it will nevertheless have the same objective like every year. To offer joy, fun and optimism to the people for a better future. In a manner  in line with the epidemiological data, Limassol Municipality proves that traditions are not abandoned even in difficult times but are maintained alive and are addressed to all the people of all ages and social class.

Taking into account the current epidemiological data, the following events are scheduled:

-         Thursday, 4th of March 2021: Painting Exhibition of self taught artists (ENAZ) at Limassol Town Hall. Photographic Exhibition of Cyprus Photographic Association at Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre and Caricature Exhibition also at Panos Solomonides Cultural Centre.

-         Friday, 5th of March: Event: “Carnival has arrived” (in direct transmission through internet from Pattichio Municipal Theatre).

-         Tuesday, 9th of March: Competition of “Mad and Clever Fancy dress”, with the music of DJ Mad Max (in direct transmission through internet).

-         Friday, 12th of March: Performance in Pattichio Municipal Theatre “As if it were yesterday”, (in direct transmission throgh internet).

-         Saturday, 13th of March: Carnival songs evening with groups of carnival singers, (in direct transmission through internet).

It must be noted that a drawing competition will be carried out during the Carnival period in all the primary schools of our city. Additionally, Limassol Municipality will fund the two events that will be organized for the artistic creators of Carnival floats in co-operation with Studio 8, that will be transmitted by Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.