Notification of Limassol Municipality for the clearing of building plots


Limassol Municipality informs the owners of building plots and sites located within the Municipal Boundaries, that it will proceed with their clearing, by the method of crushing while the weeds are green and by the use of a digger where this is necessary.

The owners who are prepared to clear their building plots by themselves they must notify in writing the Municipality by  the 10th of March 2021,  giving all the details of the plot and to complete the clearing by the 31st of May 2021. The letters must be sent to the Limassol Municipality, to the address׃ 23, Archbishop Kyprianos street, 3036 Limassol or by e-mail at the address For further information, please contact the Health Services of the Municipality at  25884590.

After this date the Municipality will proceed  with the clearing of the plot and will charge the owners of the cost.

Personal letters or emails to the owners will not be sent.

The clearing charge by the Municipality for each plot is 100 euros for a whole plot and 50 euros for each half plot.