Notification of Limassol Municipality for combating the mosquito problem


Limassol Municipality announces the following regarding the control of mosquitos:

Τhe Limassol Municipality Services, will start, as of the beginning of next month, an intensive programme of spraying with biological formulations, all  possible mosquito breeding grounds. Spraying will be extended to cover all areas where stagnant waters exist in the entire territory of the Municipality and particularly in rivers, streams, drains etc.

In co-operation with the Health Services of the British Bases and the Ministry of Health a Plan of Action for the Extermination of Mosquitos in the west part of the city has been drawn and it is applied. The plan includes the installation of nine (9) Mosquito Magnets across the Akrotiri Salt Lake.

The clearing of open spaces / plots from wild vegetation will start in the near future earlier than in previous years. In April, the cleaning of rivers will also start in the whole territory of the city.

Furthermore, the Municipality asks the citizens to contribute to the whole effort with simple measures that are listed below, which  everyone can apply in their own home and in the open spaces that are under his control. In this way, citizens can  contribute substantially in the reduction of the problem:

  • Remove stagnant waters
  • Remove all objects from our gardens which collect water such as bottles, old tyres, flower pots  various containers etc.
  • Replace or maintain all covers of the sewage system of our houses and make sure that they are always tightly sealed.
  • Cover with wire meshes the outlets of the vent pipes of our drainage system.
  • Repair / replace corroded /damaged water tanks and make sure that they are tightly sealed.
  • Clean the rainwater pipes and gutters so that water is not retained and it has a free flow.
  • In cases where the property has a swimming pool, the water must not be stagnant and not left without the necessary maintenance.

For our protection from mosquito bites, it would be better where this is feasible to place and to use insect protection screens (wire meshes), on external doors and windows, as well as mosquito nets or approved body or space insect repellents.