Limassol Municipality Sports Office – Lectures for educational purposes


The first lecture of the Limassol Municipality Sports Office was held yesterday, 19 February 2019, at the Petros and Pavlos Lyceum on the topical subject of “Exercise in Gyms and the Appropriate Use of Nutritional Supplements and Substances – Drugs”. The lecture was conducted by the specialist scientist Dr Michalis Michaelides – Director of CSRC (Cyprus Sports Research Centre) – and was enthusiastically embraced by the students of the 2nd Grade of Lyceum, who then asked the speaker a number of questions relevant to the topic of the lecture.

The Limassol Municipality Sports Office has been set up by our champions Maria Papadopoulou and Yiannis Zisimides, under the Limassol Municipality Youth and Sports Committee, with Mr Loizos Mavroudes as its President. One of the main goals of the Office is the education of students on subjects linked to sports, exercise and health.

The next lecture is scheduled for tomorrow, 21 February 2019, at the Sports School of the Laniteio Lyceum, between 09:30 and 11:10, and will be held in the presence of the Mayor Mr Nicos Nicolaides.