Limassol Municipality gets ready for outdoor dining areas


Frequent disinfection of public spaces

Following the disinfection of all public spaces in Limassol, the Municipality is ready for the reopening of outdoor dining areas. Specialised municipal workers carried out disinfections on a daily basis as a precautionary measure against the Coronavirus in order to protect public health. Public restrooms, bus stops, public squares, garbage depots, waste bins and garbage processors, pedestrian crossings, public benches, embankment areas and other areas frequented by the public were thoroughly disinfected. In view of the reopening of outdoor dining spaces, the Castle area, Saripolou and Heroes’ squares as well as the coastal front were also thoroughly disinfected.

It is noted that only approved and eco-friendly disinfectants were used to carry out the task. The Municipality of Limassol assures the citizens that all necessary precautionary measures were taken to protect public health and that additional measures will be taken to ensure public safety.