The Municipal Museum of Folk Art

The Municipal Museum of Folk Art, which opened on the 20th June 1985, includes one of the most important collections of Cypriot folk art and craft from the late 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The museum is housed in a listed building, donated by the Ioannis and Katerina Schiza family, located in the corner of Ayiou Andreou Street and Othonos and Amalias Street which used to be a municipal retirement home for seniors.

The renovation of the building and its transformation to the Municipal Museum of Folk Art took place between 1984 and 1985 and the official opening took place in June 1985. 

The Municipal Museum of Folk Art hosts very rich and remarkable collections of garments, embroidery, wood carved creations, agricultural and tools and utensils, jewellery, decoration artifacts and furniture of the late 19th and the early 20th century.

Some of the artifacts the Museum hosts are woodcut chests, chests of drawers, consoles, pictures made with silk cocoons, embroidery, draw loom, traditional Cypriot costumes, baskets, swords, bronze pots, spindle, spinning wheel, lamp, flute, chairs, small stools, bronze plates, ζεμπιλια, τσεστους, clay vessels, reaping hooks, doilies, bowls, wooden mirrors, etc.

The Museum also hosts one of the most beautiful vest collections in the Greek domain.

A collection of porcelain, donated by Anna F. Kourea, is housed and exhibited in one of the halls of the museum. The collection consists of thirty (30) dishes of Greek, European and Chinese styles, some of which are dated back in 1725.

The following are exhibited in the other rooms:

  • A draw loom and relative details about weave.
  • Changes of the Cypriot Sayia and vest collection, the Cypriot married couple and the treat
  • Urban dress and urban decoration, country dress and country decoration
  • Dowry  τα ασπροπλουμιά with or without beats, οι ροναρέττοι, lace, jewellery
  • The bedroom
  • Agricultural life and Tools

It is worth mentioning the serious work that has been done as far as the setting of the exhibits is concerned, as well as the renovation of the building and its transformation into a museum (example of urban architectural heritage) for which the Limassol Municipality was awarded the Europa Nostra prize for the year 1988. 

Working Hours 
Monday – Friday: 07.45 – 14.45

Telephone No.

Ag. Andreou 253, Limassol