To this day, the serenades and carnival songs remain the characteristic sounds of Limassol. This musical genre continues to be hugely important to Limassol, as it is an expression of its particular collective identity, while at the same time it fulfils the role of a traditional form of entertainment and fun during the Carnival.

Essentially, the serenades and carnival songs are a significant form of entertainment and communication, both for the members of the serenader bands but also for the audience and participants. Singing these songs serves to confirm and validate one's identity. Whereas the "old-fashioned" dances (waltz, polka, tango) allows people to come into physical contact, thus creating a romantic and sensual mood.

These dances and songs also serve another purpose, namely, they strengthen social cohesion and integration into the whole Limassol community, while helping to do away with social, age or gender divides. At the same time the present is smoothly linked to the past, boosting the sense of local identity and creating those necessary bonds between the residents on the one hand, and the city's history and communal affairs on the other