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In 1998, a group of Municipal Councillors, officials and sports fans proposed to the Municipality the organization of the 1st 10km International Road Race in memory of the late champion, coach, teacher and sports enthusiast Marios Agathangelou. The Municipality embraced this idea, the successful implementation of which led to the 2nd 10KM International Race “Marios Agathangelou”. The second event was met with even greater success encouraging the Municipal Council to establish the race by organising in 1999 the sporting event of LEMESIA.

Today, the LEMESIA has become an institution, one of the most important sporting events of our city and of Cyprus in general.

It is the only sporting event in Cyprus that includes such a wide range of activities, duration and diversity in sports and other events.

LEMESIA has been supported over time by returning sponsors and a host of sports clubs, federations and individuals.