Cleaning Department

The Department deals with:

Waste Collection

Waste collection occurs twice a day. Early morning shift starts at 1:00a.m and finishes once the waste collection of the area is completed. The afternoon shift starts at 5:00p.m. and finishes once the waste collection of the area is completed.

Waste is collected from all types of premises, residential and commercial, twice a week, i.e. Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

Further to the above, the Department offers the following services:

An additional waste collection crew is recruited over the weekend to collect waste from central and major roads and the city centre.

  • Repair of municipal waste containers all over the city.
  • Sweeping of roads, pavements, pedestrian streets and public squares with a high pressure water pump and a sweeper truck.
  • Collection, transportation and disposal of animal carcasses (dogs and cats) into a landfill for burial.
  • Collection of scrap objects on a daily basis in the city centre
  • Cleaning of pedestrian streets and bicycle paths and replacing garbage bags in dog waste bins and waste containers across the Garyllis Linear Park twice a week.
  • Replacement of garbage bags in dog waste bins across the city twice a week.

The Cleaning Department immediately intervenes in emergencies such as floods, accidents (oil spillage, gravel or other hazardous materials left behind by vehicles) when necessary.

Road cleaning

Street cleaners deal with the cleaning of roads and pavements, mainly in the city centre. The Municipality owns ten big sweeper trucks, each of which with its own field of responsibility. These trucks are used to clean all roads of the city of Limassol once a month, with the exception of major and central roads that are more frequently cleaned.  Street cleaners work from 4:30a.m. to 11:30a.m.

The Department urges the public not to take out their garbage before the specified waste collection hours and to recycle.

Contact Information

Corner of Ellinon & Nicolaou Matziarou
3042 Limassol

25362201 and 25362510