Municipal Art Workshop

The Municipal Art Workshop is adjacent to the Municipal Folk Art Museum, at the corner of Ayios Andreas and Othonos and Amalias streets. 

It functions as an education and recreation centre for a great number of students, children, teenagers and adults.

Classes are taught in groups based on age, on an afternoon basis, and are aimed at children of 5 years of age and over, as well as adults. Students have the opportunity to learn various drawing techniques, develop their skills in painting, familiarise with the art of mosaic and handicrafts under the guidance of the experienced teacher Riana Chadjimenoikou, a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts. 

Tuition fees amount to €30 per person, €50 per two family members and €70 per three family members.

For more information on opening hours and groups, please contact us at 25 340142.