Public Art Gallery

The Public Gallery building was donated to the Limassol Municipality by the consular L. Zinonos (family Pavlides). The donation was officially announced on 30th January 1984. It was built around 1938 by the German – Jewish architect Ginsburg. It was inaugurated on the 26th June 1988 by the mayor Antonis D. Chadgipavlou. The new building (extension) was inaugurated on 29th 1996.


The Limassol Public Gallery presents one of the largest and richest art collections of Cypriot Modern Art. It includes significant works of art concerning the history of art in our country, such as Adamantios Korais, Michael Kassialos, Tilemahos Kanthos, Christophoros Savva, Victor Ioannides, Loukia Nikolaidou, Takis Fragoudes, Vasilis Vrionides, Nikos Nikolaides, John Corpige, Andrea Ladommatos, Stas Paraschos, Stella Michaelidou, Antros Efstathiou, Spiros Dimitriades and others.

These works are displayed in the old building, whereas the new ground halls of the Gallery host representative samples of new Cypriot artists. They cover both the old naturalistic trends and the modern views on painting. On the first floor halls there is the Marios Vasiliades collection and in the basement the National Liberation Revolution tribute collection, which belongs to the Historical Remembrance Council.

Apart from the foreign visitors, the Limassol Public Gallery is also visited by the high school students of Limassol as well as by many other high schools from other towns. Additionally, many state and private schools, Greek – speaking and English – speaking, visit the Gallery and very often kindergartens too.

The Limassol Public Gallery is up to date with the latest trends and research that takes place within the country related to the purchasing of various works of both older artists, whose development in career has been followed, and of newer or new – coming artists. Particular attention has been paid to artists whose origin is from  Limassol as well as important artists who have lived and developed I Limassol since 1974. Of course, this does not mean that the works of other artists from all over Cyprus are being ignored.

Today, there are about 600 works of art in the Limassol Public Gallery which expand on a wide variety of creation (painting, sculpture, pottery, structures made with mixed materials).

The Limassol Public Gallery has a great significance, both from an artistic and from a cultural point of view. Exchanging collections from other cities and countries will contribute to the further development of the artistic spirit. On the other hand, the concentrate work of Cypriot artists offers the public the opportunity to learn more about them and improve the general public cultural way of life.

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 07.45 – 14.45

28th Octovriou Street

Telephone No
25 586 212 
25 583 383

25 588 401