Message from the Mayor of Limassol

I am especially pleased to be able to present to the residents of Limassol and all interested parties this informative publication, which has been put together with the aim of letting them know about the four EU-funded projects that have been implemented in our town.

These projects are directly linked to our residents' quality of life and to the revamping of the town, with the complete regeneration of certain parts and infrastructures of Limassol, together with the revival of forgotten and neglected areas.

Our efforts to gain funding for these projects, the total cost of which amounts to approximately €53 million, began in January 2007.

They were crowned with success thanks to the unanimous support of the Municipal Councils of the 2007-2016 period, the relevant Municipal Council committees, the direct assistance of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior, the Directorate General for European Programmes Coordination and Development, the European Funds Management Unit of the Ministry of Interior, the Treasury of the Republic, the Town Planning and Housing Department, the Department of Public Works, the Limassol Police, the Department of Environmental Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development & Environment and all other partners. The work was completed on time with know-how, imagination and vision because our Municipal services, with the support of our partners, embraced the projects with particular care, zeal and professionalism.

I am certain that the extent and nature of the projects will forever leave their mark on the identity of the town and create the healthy basis for the rational, planning and commercial development of the centre, to the benefit of everyone without exception.

Furthermore, they will be the springboard for starting and extending similar regeneration projects to the east of the centre, in core residential areas and along Limassol's other rivers.

Due to the nature of the construction projects, the pace of execution was selected to be such that it would affect at the minimum the daily lives of residents, shop owners and those travelling to the regeneration areas, though a certain amount of inconvenience was unavoidable and we apologise for this.

The difficult part is now over and the projects will remain in our town's history as a unique contribution to the development of the centre and the revival of forgotten areas, and as a determined intervention to improve the built and natural environment, for the further development of the quality of our lives and those of our children.

We express our thanks to everyone for their great contribution to the planning, design and implementation of the projects. We particularly thank the Department Heads of the Municipality and their staff, especially Mrs. Coralia Massoura, Senior Officer of the Technical Department who undertook the burden of this huge, unprecedented effort.

Finally, thanks go to all of you, the people of Limassol, for your patience, understanding and trust. Thank you for sharing the same vision as us for a modern, living town.