The Limassol Carnival

The Limassol Carnival is the oldest and most popular folk festivity in Limassol but also across Cyprus. Throughout the centuries the tradition of the Apokries - the Carnival festive season - was celebrated across the island, but the festivities local to Limassol grew in scope so much that in time they became an integral part of the town's identity and culture.

According to Georgios Taliadoros Templar, a journalist and carnival chronicler, "No other town can quite compete with Limassol where the carnival is concerned. Attempts to compete with Limassol have all resulted in resounding failures, and so the carnival has become our very own prerogative, and that is why people from all over Cyprusgather in our town to celebrate the cheerful days of the carnival."

An article by Nicos D. Angeloudis is likewise instructive on the character of the people of Limassol and their propensity for partying, fun and the Carnival: "No town in our island can surpass Limassol in the celebration of the Carnival. This is because Limassolians have passed down from generation to generation their celebratory mood, and Limassolians today remain just as enthusiastic and committed. Especially at night, Limassolians, immaculately garbed, go out on the town, they party, drink and dance, that is to say, revelry is in their blood. However, the partying reaches a peak during the Carnival festivities, which quite correctly have come to be called 'the Limassol Festivity'."

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The Limassol Carnival is the oldest and most popular folk festivity in Limassol ...

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History of the Carnival

Although the Carnival festive season has been chronicled in Cyprus ....

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Modern days carnival

In Limassol the Carnival festivities are carried on from generation to generation as part of family tradition...

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Main characteristics

To this day, the Carnival remains a strong urban and family tradition for the people of Limassol...

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Techniques and skills

Limassol Carnival requires the transfer of technical know-how and skills from one generation to the next...

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The history of the Mask

The origin of the Mask can be traced back to ancient and mysterious religious ceremonies...

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To this day, the serenades and carnival songs remain the characteristic sounds of Limassol...

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Limassol Carnival Photos from 2005 to 2018

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