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Webinar 2020 “Sustainable Coastal, Marine & Maritime Environment”

The signing of the LIMASSOL DECLARATION on October 8, 2012, was a historic event for Limassol and a milestone for the development of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy. At the same time, the Declaration became a defining force in the development of EU's 'Blue Economy' strategy. The choice to have the signing of this declaration in Limassol, was an acknowledgement of the importance of the sea for Limassol, of how it has shaped the history of Cyprus and how it influences the present and the future of Limassol and Cyprus as a whole.

Today Limassol is facing great challenges, ranging from the ecological protection of the sea, coastal and waterfront areas, achieving sustainable growth by taking advantage of the potential of our seas and coasts, and more specifically of ensuring a dynamic marine and maritime agenda for growth, competitiveness, and job creation. These challenges are the essence of a blue economy, and the primary targets of the policies of a Blue Limassol.

The Limassol Municipality, in a strategic collaboration with Frederick University Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce have founded The Blue Limassol Forum. This is a broad-base platform in which all stake holders have a place and a floor to speak: Maritime professionals, environmentalists, port authorities, academics, students. Above all, this Forum is for the citizens of our society at large, who are the main and principal stake holders of any present and future developments concerning Limassol.

As an annual online event conducted in May 2020, this year’s Forum topic was “Sustainable Coastal, Marine & Maritime Environment”. The deliberations of the Forum can be viewed through the links below.

Most importantly, this Forum gives voice to each and every citizen; offering the opportunity to speak out and express an opinion relating to our environment, our sea, our coasts, our maritime industry, our infrastructure and other issues pertaining to Limassol’s character as a leading port-city in the region, a maritime hub and a blue city.

The survey conducted as part of the Blue Limassol Forum 2020 has identified the areas where citizens have the most concerns. We are now developing a plan of studies to collect facts and statistics to cross check and determine if the matter is one of perception or reality. The dialogue remains open so that priorities, decisions and actions are driven by an informed and transparent process.


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