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Wine Festival Limassol

Lemesos (Limassol) the ancient Amathus and Curium


Lemesos (Limassol) is one of the districts of Cyprus, the second in population after the capital Nicosia. The other districts are Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca and Paphos. Lemesos (Limassol) is on the southwest of Nicosia, on the south coast of Cyprus. The main physical characteristics of Lemesos (Limassol) are its good weather, the sandy coast, the sunny days around the year, the rich vegetation and the Troodos mountains.

There are many places for visitors to go. The old harbor in the old town, and the new harbor to the west of Lemesos (Limassol) near the coast, known as 'Lady's Mile'. The new harbor is always very busy especially after the capture of the harbor of Famagusta in 1974 by the Turkish troops. To the east of Lemesos (Limassol) there are the ruins of the ancient town of Amathus. To the west, on the way to to Paphos there are the ruins of the ancient town of Curium, the same name as the ancient theatre and the most famous temple of Apollo which dates from the sixth century B.C. when the cult was at its height. There is also a stadium, baths and an early christian basilica.

There are two medieval castles, both in good condition. One is in the old town near the old harbor and the other in Kolossi village about ten miles from the town to the west. In the castle of the old town it is said that the King of England, Richard Coeur de Lion, married Berengaria of Navarre on his way to the Crusades. The Castle of Kolossi, which was probably built in the early thirteenth century, was given by Lusignan to the Hospitaller, knights of the Royal Order of St. John, together with valuable land in the area producing the famous Commandaria wine and good sugar plantations. There are two industrial areas, one to the west of the town, near Ipsonas village and the other to the east of the town near the St. Athanasios Municipality. Lemesos (Limassol) is the leading industrial town in Cyprus, linking produce with exports in the form of manufacturing wines, spirits, soft drinks, canning fruits and vegetables, quibbling carobs, making cement, bricks and tiles.

But more important than all of these things is the people of Lemesos (Limassol); the kindness, the hospitality, the open heart, the love for any good and the humanity. These are the main characteristics of the thousands of inhabitants of the beautiful Lemesos (Limassol). Several festivals, feasts and fairs take place every year in Lemesos (Limassol); in the villages and in the town. The most important of these is the Wine Festival which takes place around the end of August and the beginning of September for twelve days. Lemesos (Limassol) is a very important place for vine cultivation. 

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