The Byelorussian ballet is in Britain with the top rating from Soviet critics and triumphant tours in more then ten countries. EVENING POST (Great Britain)

The standard of dancing is excellent and there are striking and attractive talents among the principals. DAILY TELEGRAPH (Great Britain)

"Spartacus", produced by Valentin Yelizariev reminds of the greatest masterpiece of Eizenshtein "Ivan the Terrible". DIARIO (Spain)

Important above all to a ballet company is it's "leader"… A leader the Byelorussian company undoubtedly has in the fullest sense of the world. This is its "chief balletmaster" Valentin Yelizariev.
Although Byelorussia has bred the company, and this has taken seventy years, the company is now, artistically, what Yelizariev has made it in the sixteen years since he took up his position in 1973. DANCING TIMES (Great Britain)

The ballet from Minsk and Valentin Yelizariev have won golden opinions from audiences and critics both at home and abroad. MORNING STAR (Great Britain)

Shaekspeare wrote the immortal tragedy, Zeffirelli popularized it for millions and ballet has done the rest.
The greatest version? There will never be universal agreement, but Valentin Yelizariev's Romeo and Juliet must rank among the most spell-building. SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

Critics in Russia see the Byelorussian as second to none – and in some ways ahead of the rest! DANCE MAGAZINE (Great Britain)

Throughout the evening the company danced with zest and commitment… the audience were happily overcome by the boom and colour of the ballet and even the hardest heart had to yield before the concluding image of Spartacus. THE LONDON TIMES (Great Britain)

Clearly an outfit that puts up with nothing but the best. Their precision is absolute. EVENING POST (Great Britain)

The Byelorussians prove that good dance can be found outside of Moscow and St.Petersburg. Graceful ballerinas, strong male soloists, and a corps of good-looking, well-disciplined young dancers… moving with smoothness and precision into impressive straight lines, arms and bodies blending as a whole. Yelizariev's sense of theatre and his expressive choreography make this work refreshing. THE OBSERVER (Great Britain)

They brought the house down! THE GUARDIAN (Great Britain)

The dancers turned out to be so charming and delightful it made you blush. THE INDEPENDENT (Great Britain)

Classical ballet supported by superbly-designed, elaborate scenery and costumes. BANGKOK POST

Spartacus stands above all else for male virtuosity. As audiences will see, the Byelorussian ballet has no shortage of gifted male dancers. DANCE & DANCE MAGAZINE (Great Britain)

These men from Minsk are magnificent, the women, their match. Don't miss the opportunity! SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

Super choreography, beautiful sets and enthusiastic, skilled dancers created an enchantment rarely experienced. It is not often the corps de ballet deserve special praise, but the Byelorussian company excels itself. HONGKONG STANDARD