The Symphony Orchestra of the National academic Bolshoi opera theatre of the Republic of Belarus

The symphony orchestra of the National academic Bolshoi opera and ballet theatre of the Republic of Belarus is the oldest professional collective of the Republic. It was founded at the beginning of the XX century and is historically connected with the traditions of the Belorussian national culture.

In 1933 the State Theatre of opera and ballet was inaugurated with the premiere of the opera “Carmen”. The classical repertoire became the basis for the professional development of the symphony orchestra. Well-known conductors such as I. Gitgarts, V. Piradov, L. Lubimov, T. Kolomijtseva, G. Dugashev, J. Voshchak, G. Provatorov, A. Anisimov headed it at different times. Many renowned foreign conductors worked with the orchestra: P. Satanovski, I. Aleksa, F. Mansurov, E. Kolobov, V. Gergiev, R. Weikert. Outstanding musicians and vocalists of modern times who performed with the Orchestra of the Belorussian Opera, such as M. Rastropovich, G. Vishnevskaja, E. Obraszova, I. Arhipova, M. Bieshu, V. Atlantov, M. Gulegina, P. Burchuladze, N. Neidelmann, F. Araiza, S. Fisicella, A. Salvadori expressed their sincere affection and admiration about their work with the orchestra.

For the last thirty years the Symphony orchestra has been taking part in foreign tours with opera and ballet performances. It is well-known to the public of Moscow, Kiev, Vilnius, it performed at the best theatres and concert halls of Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Holland.

Since February 1992 after having toured Spain for the first time with a symphony programme and after having been welcomed enthusiastically received by the audiences of Madrid and Barcelona, the orchestra started touring foreign countries with various programmes of symphonic music. From 1998 to 2002 the Orchestra was a great success during the Festivals of opera music “Classic Openair” which were held in Soloturn, Switzerland. The foreign press also highly assessed the wonderful sound of the orchestra, its professionalism and perfect coordination.

150 highly professional talented musicians who were educated in the Belorussian State Academy of music are working in the Orchestra. The Stage orchestra consisting of 30 people is a part of the Symphony Orchestra.

The repertoire of the Orchestra is varied: operas, ballets, symphonic programmes with the participation of the Bolshoi Choir if the Opera Theatre (Choir symphony concerts, “Requiem” by G. Verdi, “Carmina Burana” by K. Orph, “Spring” by S. Rakhmaninov and others).

At present the orchestra is headed by Vyacheslav Tchernougho, a young talented conductor. He has already staged a number of opera and ballet performances, including the opera “Turandot” by G. Puccini.