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Pattichion Municipal Museum – Historical Archive – Limassol Studies Centre

A new horizon for the study of history


The cooperation between the Press and Information Office and the Limassol Municipality, in particular, with the Pattichion Municipal Museum Foundation, Limassol’s Historical Archive and Studies Centre, brings the study of local history to new horizon. The Archive, Museum and Studies Centre have been specialised in this history ever since their founding seven years ago, following the Municipality’s radical initiative. The cooperation between the Press and Information Office and the local authorities is a good example of how sharing information so it becomes accessible to the Cypriot public, can allow our society to become more knowledgeable.

The Historical Archive has been studying and promoting Limassol’s historical development as a city in many different ways for seven years. It managed to develop an archival consciousness to Limassol’s wider public through symposiums, lectures and educational seminars, so it understood the need to gather archival material under a communal roof (the Historical Archive) and support it in every way possible, offering information and material regarding Limassol’s historical growth and progress throughout the years.

The Limassol Municipality’s Archive was developed from verbal and written sources, photographs, newspapers and objects which describe the city’s historical development in the best way possible. At the same time, a large number of volunteers, the Archive’s backbone, are being trained in historical research, archiving etc. Up to this moment, members of the Archive have presented reports on Limassol’s history in both Cyprus and abroad. They are also invited and attend schools and other foundations on a regular basis where they present reports on the city’s history but also help teachers and students to conduct reports related to Limassol’s history.

The philosophy behind the creation of the city’s Archive is based on the exploitation of both the material and immaterial cultural heritage as well as the multilevel exploitation of the written, visual and verbal material. The Archive’s motto is: “We preserve our city’s past for its future”. Besides the Limassol Municipality’s rich Archive dating in 1878, alongside the Municipality’s records and other documents, more files and private collections are stored in the Archive, items allocated in thematic sessions (architecture, commerce, economy, arts, education, athleticism, health, hygiene etc.) which will form the basis of the Foundation’s museum aspect. The Foundation’s Photography Archive consists of thousands of photographs, used by writers, magazines and newspapers, as well as in different events and exhibitions organised by the Limassol Municipality. By organising the annual Scientific Symposium of Limassol’s Oral History, created by the Limassol Municipality’s Archive for seven years, we gathered important material which enriches the Foundation’s Studies Centre. The Archive’s printings exploit the scholars’ riches as well as the Archive’s material. The building’s inauguration will kick-start a series of educational programs appealing to Cyprus’ school community and will cover many aspects of Limassol’s history.