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The Youth and Sport sector has been neglected over the last years resulting in serious gaps observed in this key field. The Municipal Council has developed an initiative over the last years for a progressive upgrading in the sport field following the pressure exerted by the governmental vehicles on a permanent basis.

Closed sport hall
The works for the construction of a closed sport hall called Palais de Sport have been paved. A budget amounting to £5,5 millions (the land excluded) has initially been approved by the CSP for the construction of this hall, which will be mounted on the shooting ground the latter being transferred to another place against £100.000 paid by the Limassol Municipality.
In this closed hall, a wide range of sports will be practised like for instance the volleyball, the basketball, the wrestling etc.
A contest has already been declared for the architectural designs and the construction works are expected to start at the end of 2000; they will be completed within two years from the starting date.

GSO stadium
The Municipal Council and the CSO have decided to transfer the GSO stadium to an open sport centre for various sport activities where it will be accessible by the general public. An architectural contest is to be declared and the works are expected to start by the end of 2000. The project is placed under the Municipality’s administration. The CSO and the Limassol Municipality will be financing it jointly.

This sport place will shelter the following sports: climbing, skating, roller lading, small track, soccer, beach volley, basketball, volleyball, handball and others.

Sport places
The Municipality has worked on reformation and exploitation plans regarding the existing neighbourhood parks, within the framework of the policy to build small sport centres, neighbourhood sport places. Three neighbourhood sport places have been designed by now in the streets:
1. Lochagou Kapota
2. Koumperten, Gkogia, and Aristotelous Charalampou
3. Lysistratous and Lykavittou

Besides, some approvals by the CSO of the exploitation plans regarding some more parks are also expected to create relevant sport places elsewhere in the town.

Tennis court
The Municipality tennis court reformation plans are worked out. The tennis court is in the Limassol Municipal Garden and the project will be financed by the CSO.

Youth centre
The creation of a Youth Centre is also planned by the Limassol Municipality with the intention to create places suitable for keeping the young people busy. The grocery researchers have already been ordered to make a relevant study with a view to reforming the southeastern place of the municipal market (mezzanine floor) to host the Youth Centre. It is expected that the place may be used like cafeteria, conference room and boîte.

Training centres
The Municipality has decided to conduct a study about its enlightenment programs addressed to the Llimassolians with respect to the methods of approaching the various social problems, the Aids and the drugs. The study is prepared in co-operation with the Frederick Institute of Technology and the Intercollege; it has actually been completed as well as a relevant research. 1000 lyceum and gymnasium students have been asked and given their answers through appropriate questionnaires.

The Citizen’s University
The “Citizen’s University” has been brought into practice with the co-operation of the Frederick Institute of Technology. High-level lectures and debates have been organised within the framework of the training campaign for the citizens, aiming at generating a concern about issues of common interest. A couple of such lectures have already been organised. Mr. Michalis Dekleris delivered the first one on 07/12/99 dealing with “Viable Society – Viable State” and the second one by Mr. Costas N Papanicolaou on 25/02/2000 dealing with “The Dynamic of the Tertiary Education on a regional level”.

Sport events
The Youth and Sport committee and the Limassol Municipality have been organising various sport events for the young people like:

Marios Agathangelou International race
The Marios Agathangelou race is dedicated to the well-known athlete from Limassol and was organized for the first time in 1998; since then it has been institutionalised. It is important to mention that famous athletes from all over the world are involved in this activity.

This event takes place at the same time with a sport photograph exhibition.

Pan Limassol Football Team
The Youth and Sport Committee have formed a school football team, which in 1998 represented Limassol in school contests abroad. The Limassol Municipality aims at finding ways to ensure its functioning on a permanent basis and reinforce it.

Islands Olympic Committee
The Limassol Municipality participates in the efforts to Cyprus joining the Olympic Islands Committee

Limassol Municipality Football Team
The Limassol Municipality has its own football team, financed by it and composed of members of the Municipal staff. In 1999, the Limassol Municipality organized a football tour in which participated the teams from the Municipality of Heraclion, Rhodes and Limassol.

Limassol Tour
The Limassol Municipality organizes annually the tour of the town in co-operation with the Round Table and the CSO. More than 600 athletes either young or older participate in this event.

The Limassolian athletes men and women who have excelled over the last year, have been awarded a prize by the Municipality, which has started awarding prizes to the veteran athletes men and women who achieved in the past a high performance in traditional sport contests and soccer.

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