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The social care is considered one of the most significant sectors of the Limassol Municipality’s activities. The Municipal Child Stations, the Centre of Adult Occupation – KAPI and the Specific Subsidy Funds come under the competency of the Social Care Committee.

One of the prime objectives of the Municipality is the co-operation with the various social organisations and the offer of services. The Limassol Municipality has within the framework of this objective co-operated with the Pan Cyprian Welfare Committee, the Pan Cyprian Child Welfare Committee, the Anti-cancer Association and other charity organisations to create a second Centre of Adult Occupation – KAPI.

A volunteer council has been established in co-operation with the Pan Cyprian Child Welfare Organisation in favour of coping with the social needs efficiently. The Municipality assisted by volunteer inhabitants aims at making the Limassolians sensitive to face efficiently the various problems ravaging the modern society. Apart from the Municipal Counsellors, representatives of the Cypriot Sociologists, the Organisations of Family Planning, the District Council and the Welfare Bureau also participate in this association of volunteers, which has been founded.

The Limasosl Municipality is particularly becoming sensitised to the needs of the third age. The implementation of the second Centre of Adult Occupation – KAPI has been promoted by the Nicos and Despina Pattichi Foundation in co-operation with the Social Welfare District Office; its main object being the offer of services to the aged people in terms of entertainment and creative occupation. This second Centre, which will be accomplished in the mid 2000, will be sheltered in the building of the ancient Limassol hospital.

Besides, activities regarding third aged people have been organised within the framework of the Adult Year (1999). The special event, which was organised by the Social Care Committee within the framework of the Wine Festival, has been part of these activities. The adult Limassolians have been invited to this event in the Municipal Garden where the Wine Festival is held for a lunch and particularly an organised entertainment program. A similar event was organised in November at the Pattichio Municipal Theatre. Organising an excursion abroad in the mid 2000 is among the goals of the Municipality regarding the adult Limassolians.

A great deal of changes occurred as far as the Municipal Child Station is concerned. A gradual upgrading of the Stations in terms of staff issues too, has at first been observed over the last two and a half years; recruitment of new qualified staff has been made but also purchase of new equipment, furniture and toys. One of these significant changes occurred during the last year when the instalment of a central heating system in all the stations has been completed.

Besides, the Municipality has adopted the amendment of the rules regarding the fees, which are paid to the Municipal Child Stations. These amendments consider the financial situation of each family and are stated as follows:

  • 0 - £20 for children coming from poor families

  • £40 for children from families with a global income less than £15000

  • £70 for children from families with a global income more than £15000

The Limassol Municipality, being aware of the needs faced by the young Limassolians regarding the open rooms where free entertainment events are held, while protected from the dangers lurking in the streets, has introduced a new program of progressive creation and development of child lands and rooms in the Municipal Schools. These rooms have been arranged in a way to be used by the children for their afternoon activities in full security and totally free. They will also be decorated respectively to host various festivities.

Besides, our efforts have been intensified regarding the organisation of special campaigns, like in the case of children with special needs or campaigns against the Aids and the drugs.

The upgrading of the Blood Municipal Bank with organising blood donation campaigns is comprised in the objectives of the Social Care Committee. During 1999 a couple of blood donation campaigns have been organised.

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