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Traffic works

In an effort to reduce the traffic jams and facilitate the Limassolians’ movement, the Limassol Municipality has decided the immediate implementation of the following projects:

Traffic Lights
Traffic lights have been placed in the following crossroads:
1. Franklin Roosevelt / Serifou at Zakaki
2. Zebra crossing (PELICAN) on the Makedonias (side road of Ithomis street)
3. Vasileos Konstantinou and Makedonias
4. Agias Fylaxeos and Petrou Tsirou street
5. Makedonias and Petrou Tsirou street
6. Makedonais and Agias Fylaxeos street
7. Makedonias and Kosti Palama street

Besides, the Municipality has decided to require all the Traffic Lights but also the zebra crossings within the Municipal Boundaries and in the surrounding areas repairing and maintaining following a relevant agreement with the neighbouring Municipalities.

Traffic timing setting
The department of the traffic policemen of the Limassol Municipality is responsible for the traffic timing setting. This department is responsible for the traffic offences, the timing setting of the traffic and the ensuring of a comfortable and secure circulation.

The department has initially been composed of traffic policemen acting under the instructions of the Limassol Municipality. Because the department has been operating with a limited staff and under insufficient conditions regarding traffic problems, which occur from time to time, the Limassol Municipality has decided to upgrade the department by 5 traffic policemen accessing the Limassol police force (traffic department) acting as Special Police Officers.

esides, a process is in course of implementation according to which traffic policemen of the Municipality will be providing their services.

Road works

The following table summarizes data regarding any improvement, repair and maintenance works undertaken in the road network:




Improved roads (in klm)

Roads (in klm) under construction or improvement


Asphalt recoating:

Turkish Cypriot Neighbourhood

Limassol Municipality Boundaries

7,4 klm

57,7 klm

2,17 klm

55,08 klm


Roads Widening

3,5 klm



Roads Reconstruction

4,7 klm



Parking Place (Enaerios)

8000 square metres


In further detail:

Road Coating:

• Turkish Cypriot Neighbourhood
48 streets in the Turkish Cypriot Neighbourhood have been coated with premix asphalt and two projects comprising the construction of a storm water system and a waste sewage system have been completed.

• Makedonias
The Makedonias Avenue has already been completed. It goes along almost the whole town of Limassol. This Avenue, which aims at easing the traffic burden across the Makarios III Avenue, is a quadruple direction one and disposes of modern road lighting, bus parking place, traffic lights, storm water sewage system and distance traffic islands.

• Change in the road network system – Athinon Street
In order to facilitate the traffic, the Athinon street roundabout has been constructed and been ready for use.

• TheklasA Lysioti street
Upward bends in this street are used as a traffic recession measure.

• Linopetras round-about
The Linopetras roundabout has been reformed by means of a traffic lights change and a traffic regulation.

• Reconstruction of the traffic round-about in the by- pass
The Limassol Municipality is, after some pressures exerted upon the government and other competent vehicles, given the promise that by 2001 the reconstruction works regarding the four traffic roundabouts in the by-pass from Mesa Geitonia until Kato Polemidia will definitely start.

Parking places

Limassol used to experience a keen problem as far as the parking places are concerned, especially in the commercial centre of the town. Parking metres have been placed in Gladstonos Street but also in other main streets of Limassol in order to solve it. The construction of parking places is comprised in the coastal road design and a couple of big parking places as well as other smaller ones have been created in the city centre.

A political decision is made regarding a provision to be included in all the important planning projects in compliance with which the construction of a sufficient number of parking places should be provided.

1. Enaerios Parking Place
The big site opposite Enaerios by the Makarios Avenue has been transformed into a parking place on a temporary basis. The place has been coated with asphalt signs and an automatic control machines system for issuing parking tickets has been installed; the income from it is collected by the Municipality. Similar device systems have been installed elsewhere too as in the case of the ancient Municipal Market, the three embankment parking places and in S. Araouzou Street (ancient police station).

2. A multi-storey parking place in Salaminos Street
The Salaminos Street multi-storey-parking place is yet one of the big development projects, which have been completed over the last three years. The project has been accomplished on the basis of a local design to solve the parking place problem in the city centre. The construction works for this multi-storey-parking place began in October 1998 and have been completed in the 1999 mid-December. This multi-storey parking place is composed of four floors and 331 parking sites; it also disposes a fully computerized system. Besides, the building has a car laundry and shops for letting (5 in Vasileiou Makedonos str. and 8 in Salaminos str.) and a cafeteria.

Vert et Blanc, the construction company which has assumed the construction works has totally undertaken the construction expenses under the term of its administering the place for the next 17 years and once this period has passed the building will come under the sovereignty of the Municipality (construction contract – administration terms – transport).

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