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The Limassol Municipality acting as a Town Planning Authority is responsible for studying the applications and issuing licenses regarding development projects within the municipal boundaries, issuing licenses for urban design and construction purposes, also licenses for partitioning land into plots, changing the use of various estate property and issuing the certificates after the final approval has been obtained. The Municipality has since the very first moment of the election of the Municipal Council faced the existing problems and the various difficulties in favour of fulfilling promptly its obligations against the citizens of Limassol regarding these matters.

Particular emphasis has been given to the regularization of the meetings of the competent committees Town Planning, Construction and Conservation Consulting Committee. Concrete measures have been taken to ensure that the committees and the Municipality respect the priority list of each application. A uniform way of examining the applications is followed to the greatest possible extent.

A relevant study aiming at ensuring a better organizational structure of the Technical Services Department is conducted being finalized before an ad hoc committee composed of members of the ETEK and the General Auditor of the Republic.

The best possible conditions are created to achieve the objective of the most efficient and quickest service to be offered to the Limassolians regarding the relevant topics, upon completion and application of the above-mentioned study. Yet, the recruitment of a new Architect, a City Planner and a number of Technicians has also contributed to reaching the set up objective.

The Town Planning Committee of the Limassol Municipality has after long and insisting meetings has proceeded to configure the proposals with a view to change our local city plan following an experience acquired and bearing in mind the problems occurred.

Within this framework the town planning committee has decided to:

  1. Seek the amendment of the mandate given by the Ministry of the Interior regarding the take over sums of the parking places.

  2. In cases of sites being affected by the street layout, the Authority should not lower the structure coefficient.

  3. In case of granting incentives with respect to the listed buildings, their owners have been exempted from the obligation to take over a significant number of parking places for vehicles.

Besides, some hydrologic studies are required to ensure the site rational development and several terms are imposed on the license of land distribution in the form of sites to be used for the construction of a storm waters network to cover future needs.

The Town Planning and the Development Committees have very actively participated in the decision-making procedure regarding the geometric characteristics of the coastal street from the end of the embankment to the Georgiou Fragkoudi municipal boundaries so as to avoid any intervention to the beach and the existing buildings being affected.

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