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Modernization of the Municipal Machine

Focusing on the upgrading and modernizing the municipal machine and aiming at a smooth functioning of the Limassol Municipality, the Municipal Council in co-operation with the ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) and the General Auditor of the Republic have taken a step forward to prepare an integrated study in order to staff and restructure the Municipal Departments& this procedure is still going through its very early implementation stages. Considering the above and in compliance with the Five-year Development Plan of the Municipality together with the study on Organizing and Developing the Human Resources Division, the Municipality has implemented the following: 

  • Recruitment of sixteen new employees respecting the set up principles about an appointment in merit
  • Financial planning to prepare a budget
  • Regular weekly meetings between the Mayor and the Departmental Heads and regular meetings of the administrative and other committees
  • New organizational structure, which is gradually implemented
  • Establishment of a department with a view to serve the citizens of Limassol
  • Rewording of the Service Plans with a view to facilitate new recruitments
  • Introduction of a pre retirement scheme

The improvement of the financial data on a wider scale is the core issue on which the Municipality focuses its efforts. 

Communication policy of the Municipality and the development of its relations with other institutions

The Limassol Municipality lays much stress on the improvement of its communication policy, recognizing how important is communicating with the Limassolians, the government, the international agents and all the groups. The following actions have been taken towards this direction:

Communication policy

Web Site Development

The Municipality has approved the setting up of a web site on the Internet ( with a view to promote better the Municipality itself and the town of Limassol in a global sense not only in Cyprus but also abroad.

Informal Regional Committees

Objective difficulties occurred, which impeded the Municipality to set up Ward Councils. Nevertheless, the Limassol Municipality has taken the necessary actions to found some informal regional committees in which the presidents of the village councils and the representatives of organized groups might participate. These committees will ensure the communication between the Municipality and the parishes. 

Informal Mayors’ Councils

The Mayors of the Greater Limassol have founded a council chaired by the Mayor of Limassol to deal with problems concerning all their citizens.

Publication of a News Bulletin

The publication of the first news bulletin of the Municipality is in course of preparation. This bulletin is to be published every four months. 

The core aim of this publication is to strengthen the image of the Limassol Municipality and establish a vigorous communication line among its citizens, the other groups of collaborators and itself in order to collect and register their views, inform them more accurately and consequently promote the work accomplished by the Municipality and the Municipal Council.

Department to Serve the Citizens of Limassol

The Department to Serve the Citizens of Limassol has been in an operational situation since the 4th October 1999, in an effort to ensure a constant upgrading the municipal structures and serve the Limassolians more efficiently and effectively. 

It aims mainly at improving the communication with the Limassolians and solving quickly the problems they face.

Besides, the Department to Serve the Citizens of Limassol will be a reference and information spot for them regarding the services provided by the Municipality.

The Limassolians’ demand may be deposited at this Department:

  • by personal contact
  • over the phone
  • in writing.

A fully computerized system has been introduced with a view to achieve an efficient functioning of the Department; therefore, the Limassolians shall necessarily mention their full name, identity card number, address and telephone number when submitting their demand.

Editorial line

Various articles on Limassol have occasionally been published in the foreign press to present the town of Limassol abroad.

Effecting polls

Collecting information about the Limassolians’ opinion upon concrete issues related to the town but also upon general issues of interest, is an important source of information with the intention of improving the operational structure of the Municipal Machine. The Municipality effects polls recognizing how necessary this procedure is and lastly with the purpose of collecting and elaborating this information, which reflects the opinion of the citizens of Limassol.

Financial data

Many efforts have been deployed to settle the various financial matters of the Municipality held in abeyance but because of the projects in course over the last years, it has not been possible. It is significant indeed that the financial situation has not been deteriorated. On the contrary, an increase in the financial sources of the Limassol Municipality is likely to occur. Further evolutions on the under-mentioned issues are expected, following steps, which have been taken to the direction of the President of the Republic, the competent ministries and other involved agents:

  1. Increase in the state subsidy granted to the Limassol Municipality,
  2. Part of the vehicles’ circulation licence fees collected will be granted to the Municipality,
  3. All the amount of the urban property tax will be granted to the Municipality,
  4. The Municipality will be fully exempted from any street lighting charges.

Besides, the Limassol Municipality considers exploiting the municipal property and the other municipal areas and beaches with a view to maximize the municipal income.

Tax policy

The Limassol Municipality has over the last three years decided to improve the tax policy aiming at a fairer allocation of the tax burdens by introducing objective criteria. The tax committee of the Municipality has implemented this goal to a great extent. Further steps remain to be taken so that this effort may be completed.

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