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The Municipal Council has over the last years set up and ensured the functioning of the following Municipal Committees to cope with the various problems, any direct intervention needed and the follow-up of the various actions taken in different fields:

Administration Committee
Municipal Workers’ Committee
Labour Relations Committee
Tenders Committee
Construction Committee
Tourism Development and Traffic Issues Committee
Health and Environment Committee
Taxation Committee
Cultural Committee
Social Care Committee
Municipal Workers’ Houses Committee
Youth and Sport Committee
Town Planning Committee

Representatives of organised groups, professional organisations and individuals with specialised knowledge who offer valuable services to the Municipality participate actively as active full members in many of the Municipality’s above-mentioned committees and in many Ad Hoc committees.

Besides, auxiliary committees of the Municipality have been set up and have assumed the task to carry out specific projects:

Development committee: promotion of solutions to severe problems concerning the town like roundabouts, the port, marinas etc.

  • Carnival ad hoc committee

  • Wine Festival ad hoc committee

  • Wine Festival General Organising Committee

  • Christmas decoration ad hoc committee

  • Limassol European Festival ad hoc committee

  • Municipal Conservatoire ad hoc committee

  • Conjectural issues – Municipal Gallery ad hoc committee

  • Ad hoc committee for the solution of the problems in respect of the Pattichion Municipal Theatre

  • Ad hoc committee for the publication of a Limassol Guide

  • Ad hoc committee for the purchase of books

  • 2000 festivities ad hoc committee

  • 2000 festivities general organising committee

  • Ad hoc committee for creating university faculties in Limassol

  • Recycling ad hoc committee

  • Group for the enlightenment on the cleaning campaign – Increase public awareness of the environmental issues

  • Ad hoc committee for preparing and submitting to the Municipal Council suggestions regarding the proposals of listed buildings

  • Ad hoc committee for the Municipality joining European Union’s programs

  • Ad hoc committee for the readjustment of fees to be paid to the Municipal Child Stations

  • Ad hoc committee for attending Reintegration programs – Improving the Old Municipal Market infrastructure

  • Ad hoc committee for the promotion of the project on the construction of a marina

  • Information and contact group in co-operation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance regarding the call for tenders in respect of the Franklin Roosevelt complex and the final outcome

  • Ad hoc committee to follow-up the Water Tower works

  • Negotiation committee for the sale or the hiring of offices and shops of the Franklin Roosevelt complex.

  • Ad hoc committee for the establishment of the Limassol Municipality Citizen’s University

  • Ad hoc committee to follow-up the works carried out at the Heron Square

  • Ad hoc committee for considering the problems which have risen following the partitioning of the FILOCTHON company’s plots

  • Committee for the administration of the multi-storey parking place in Salaminos street

  • Ad hoc committee to ensure the construction of Municipal Houses

  • Ad hoc committee for cleaning and sprucing up Karnayio

  • Ad hoc committee for the dock

  • Committee for cleaning and respecting the Tombs

  • Philharmonic Orchestra Committee

  • Support committee to the suffering Serbian people

  • Organising committee for the “Marios Agathaggelou” Race International Struggle

  • Municipality participation committee in the international tour of adolescent soccer in France

  • Committee in charge of the preparation of a report which should be addressed to the Administration Committee regarding issues, concerning both the Municipality and the Limassol Holy Diocese

  • Sculpture ad hoc committee

All the above-mentioned achievements but also the future projects of the Limassol Municipality should not be feasible without the assistance of its various specific and ad hoc committees, which we particularly thank for their impeccably and ardently co-operating among them. It would be an omission to avoid mentioning that the Limassol Municipality’s projects could not be implemented without the Municipality’s staff being so actively involved.

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