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It would be an omission if the names of those who have contributed to the accomplishment of the Municipality’s tough work were not mentioned in this edition. The Mayor of Limassol Dr D.Kontides and the Municipal Council wish to thank particularly the under-mentioned companies and organisations for their contribution to the following development projects:

  • Limassol Saving Co-operative Ltd for its financial contribution to the Heron Square being upgraded and the carnival festivities being consolidated.

  • Bank of Cyprus Ltd for its financial contribution to the Water Tower being restored.

  • Chrysies Demetriades Solicitors Ltd for its financial contribution to maintaining the Four Lights Bridge

  • Hanseatic Shipping Company for the construction of a big square at the earth fill opposite its offices

  • Captain Joachim Meyer who has contributed to the construction of a square at the earth fill

  • London Forfeighting Asia for their contribution to the completion of the 1st Stage of the works at the earth fill

  • The Association of Civil Engineers and Architects-Limassol Department for their volunteer contribution to restoring the 2nd Municipal Market known as the Small Grocer’s and covering the expenses for it

  • The Tip-Top Shops for offering various games to the child stations free on annual basis

  • The HSH Trading and Shipping Ltd company for offering the new games of the Municipal Garden

  • The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture for supporting constantly its cultural events

  • CTO and CSO for supporting the Municipality’s events

  • RIALTO Theatre for offering the Municipal Library a series of plays by authors and creators from Salonica

  • Limassol Rotary Club for arranging and outfitting a game land at the earth fill

  • Saving Co-operative for a £15.000 donation in favour of the carnival festivities.

We also wish to thank the following companies for their contribution to organizing the 2000 festivities:
• Banque Nationale De Paris Intercontinentale (BNP1)
• BEE Engineering Services Ltd
• Castrol Cyprus
• Columbia Ship management Ltd
• Dobson Fleet Management Ltd
• Hanseatic Co. Ltd
• Internship Navigation Co. Ltd
• Peter Cast
• Sea tankers Management Co. Ltd
Besides, we wish to thank all those who have submitted their tenders to the Limassol Municipality for offering their constant support.

The vision is still alive
The accomplishment of all the above in unfavourable and difficult financial and organizational service conditions is our contribution by now to the town we all love so much. We will claim, create, and put into action a useful and necessary work with the intention to transform our town to a human-oriented place lying on the global contribution of groups, individuals, the continual tireless effort of the Mayor, the Municipal Council’s and all the Municipal Departments.

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