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We have decided to publish the proceedings (1997 – 1999) of the Limassol Municipality because we feel like informing the Limassolians and our collaborators about what we have achieved. Yet, the Municipal Council and I myself also intend to report on the achievements reached by now which has been the result of joint action and efforts.

Limassol faces many problems and has a number of needs to meet as a modern city throbbing with life and although the Municipality cannot afford to meet all of them, it has never been pinned to the ground; on the contrary it has always been trying to find the adequate solution to them. The needs of the town in terms of route network and other works are huge but the perspectives are drawn unlimited.

We have had a vision of a good planning and an active involvement accordingly, which has been the keystone to reverse any negative data. The upgrading of the Municipal Machine, which is the driving force of the whole system, is the first step. It has been achieved with drawing the first five-year development plan relying on study results and respective implementations in the field of staff management issues, procedural improvement and organisational status& the establishment of a department with a view to serve the citizens of Limassol has also been crowned with success.

Our efforts have focused on the basic infrastructure projects and not just the impression of glamorous works. The Local Plan, the City Centre Plan and the Five-year Development Plan aim at upgrading the environmental conditions, increasing the verdure, preserving the architectural style and our cultural heritage, exploiting the important and worthy sites and buildings of our town and in general terms its sustainable development.

The Municipal Staff, the Municipal Council and the Mayor himself have harmoniously been co-operating aiming at promoting the town’s interests with unanimity of opinion among them. We have also been focusing on strengthening the relations among the various vehicles and the social groups of our town.

Our effort has resulted to our being involved in A firm course towards achieving our short and long term goals, which are but the improvement of the quality of life of the Limassolians, a cleaner and more human-friendly environment, has been the successful result of our efforts, transforming our town into a cultural centre, reviving the old and nostalgic Limassolian spirit in co-operation with the new generations and ensuring, therefore, a hopeful future for all our citizens.

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