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"Peace" Square - Design Principles


Facts to bear in mind during designing:

  • The operation will be divided into subareas.
  • The historical points which are compromised by the two worship places and the bridges – the river banks - its support walls.
  • The symbolism of the development - respect towards differences, remarkable approach, harmonic coexistence.
  • The distinction between the existing urban plans and the developments to take place as buildings and route axes of the wider area and the square, in combination to the functions under which the places will be set.
  • The existing area vegetation and the spontaneous as well as accidental setting of the trees on the square space.
  • The passage of pedestrians, cyclists and people with special needs.
  • The possible need for parking space.
General land-planning of the area, 
linking the coastal avenue with Franklin Roosevelt avenue


Design area according to the liking plan of the 
Coastal Avenue with the Franklin Roosevelt street.


Design area data: definition of the 3 principal sectors. 
Creation of an underground rainwater sewage (or rainwater sewer channelling, am unsure for both) .
Connection of the cycling network to the City Centre. 
Construction of an additional access road to the private land plots.


Design Area New Formation:  The study focuses on the three basic sections, length decrease of the underground sewage channel, modification of the cycling path, reduction of the auxiliary road space, addition of two new access roads and creation of parking area.

PEACE SQUARE / Section 1. (Western)


  • Passage assess (internal by-pass/auxiliary road)
  • Seating spaces
  • Planting of tress toisolate from the by-pass road.
  • Planting of a low green area in order to enable vision from west and for the protection of the main road artery.
  • Continuation of the bike-road and its connection to the formation design of the River Garilli.
PEACE SQUARE / Section 2 (Central)


Main characteristics:
Coexistence of two different religious buildings. Activities enhancement.
Creation of an organised event space interweaved with the existing uses.
Addition of green spaces
Seating area

Design Proposal:  Shortening the length of the underground sewer – in two parts the natural river bed is retained (natural environment, stone-made openings, green, trees), creation of pedestrian’s bridge,  defining the river footprints with the creation of an artificial lake and the design motifs on the ground made of  pebbles. Linking with the pedestrian network of the City Centre, modification of the by-pass road, creation of parking area.

PEACE SQUARE/ Section 3 (Eastern)


Access Passage(internal by-pass road).
Seating area 
Planting of tress toisolate from the by-pass road. 
Planting of short green in order to enable vision from west and for the protection of the main road artery.