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Speeches by the Mayor

Address by the Mayor of Lemesos, Mr Andreas Christou at the festival organised by the KISA movement (on equality, support and anti-racism) on Sunday, 11th November at 12.15 p.m. at the east edge of the embankment

It is with a great pleasure that I attend this event co-organised by the Movement on equality, support and anti-racism and other organisations and immigrants' communities, in the context of the European year on equal opportunities for all.

I congratulate the organisers for their initiative and furthermore their activities focussing mainly on fighting against racism and sensitising the public on this topic.

The populations moving from one place to another, the refugees, the asylum seekers and the foreign students face huge problems and in many cases they become victims because of racism and exploitation.

We must realize in our capacity as society that we should treat these groups of people the way we would like to be treated by them. We all must be trained to accept what is different indeed, from the youngest to the oldest.

We should never forget that each individual no matter his or her education level and culture is a human being as we all are indeed!  

Therefore, each individual has the skills to love, to create, to be a member of this society, to think and to be happy.

Let us be delighted this day in the context of RAINBOW festival and get involved in the activities planned in such an enthusiastic mood by the organisers, wishing to send a message that all the people, no matter their race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, community or any other difference, can dream together.