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Speeches by the Mayor

Address by the Mayor of Lemesos, Mr Andreas Christou, on the occasion of the 25-year anniversary of the MARLOWNAVIGATION company, on Monday, 24th September 2007 at 7.30pm

It is a very great pleasure to have the opportunity to congratulate on behalf of the Municipal Council and the whole town of Lemesos, officially in public indeed, the MARLOW NAVIGATION CO LTD Company for celebrating its 25-year anniversary.

I wish to congratulate particularly its founder, Mr Hermann Eden, who has since 1982 been living in Lemesos with us, where his children have grown up and attended school.

The Company's development has indeed been impressive and today it employs 317 people who work at its headquarters in Lemesos, while further 330 employees work in 14 countries all over the world, in the company's offices.

Yet, the big majority of MARLOW's employees are ship crews and their number exceeds 10.000 seamen.

The celebrating Company is established in Lemesos. Furthermore, it has been the heartbeat of our town, understanding its problems, experiencing its development and mainly contributing positively and unobtrusively in many ways: in our co-citizens experiencing progress and welfare. It supports financially cultural and social events taking place here, it encourages initiatives taking and advocates the town's organisations and it certainly ensures employing big numbers of Cypriots in the shipping and service industry, which is deemed quite important.

We know that MARLOW NAVIGATION is now integrally linked to Lemesos. We consider it part of our town and we feel that it has been established here for many years.

The Municipality and the town of Lemesos thank it warmly for being constantly present here and for its contribution. We are convinced about the Company pursuing its successful way to progress and further development and we wish you all: management and staff many happy returns of the day and lots of success in the future too.