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Speeches by the Mayor

Address by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Andreas Christou at the dinner at Four Seasons Hotel, on Thursday, November 13th, 2014, at 20.00 hours on the occasion of annual ANVR Congress (13-16 November)

On behalf of the Limassol Municipality I would like to warmly welcome you all, to this event and whish you a pleasant stay in Cyprus. The Municipality of Limassol which was established in 1878 is the largest one in Cyprus. Our city since 1990 has progressed into one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean, as well as one of the greatest maritime, tourist, commercial and service centres in the wider region.

Limassol is today the business and financial centre of Cyprus with a large number of local and international companies surrounded by a further network of hotels, restaurants and other venues for entertainment and leisure. The city if therefore constantly in motion, developing even more. It is important to mention that hundreds of shipping, as well as financial companies have their headquarters in Limassol. Today our city is the largest ship-management centre in the European Union and the fifth world wide. What is extremely important for the city’s economy is that Limassol has always been a popular tourist destination, combining an organized coast with clear waters and wonderful hotels and generally a well organized tourist infrastructure.

It has a long and extensive history, as the first settlements of the city were established some 4000 years ago. It was always a natural harbour, with potable spring water, and surrounded by extensive agricultural plantations, chiefly comprising from grape vines and carob trees. Limassol is additionally well known for a long cultural tradition. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural or other activities. In addition, they can visit museums and other archaeological locations around the city, which is an astonishing combination of ancient, Frankish, Byzantine, Ottoman and modern influence. The Limassol Carnival, the Wine Festival, the Ballet Festival are some of the most popular events organized by the Municipality for many many years. As regards infrastructure we have recently just finished with the improvement of the sea front which has brought the people and visitors of Limassol closer to the sea and also promoted the island character of the city. Works within the city centre have also finished by rebuilding streets and pavements, creating underground services and taking measures about traffic for the road safety of the pedestrians and cyclists.

Works for the new river park of 6.5 km length will finish by the end of the year with new cycling and pedestrian paths, as well as entertainment and leisure venues. Additionally, works for the new seaside park of 60000 m2 are soon to end. Other important projects completed in the last year are the new Marina, a project of total expenditure of 350 million euro and the regeneration of the old port into a modern fishing and leisure port. The State University of Technology in Limassol and two other private Universities have been the most important contribution to the development of the city.