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Speeches by the Mayor

Greetings by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Andreas Christou at the International conference organised by the Limassol Municipality, “Limassol, a renewed, coastal metropolis! Architecture and Identity”, on Monday the 18th November 2013 at 8:30pm at the Carob Mill

Honourable guests,
Dear friends,

We’re very happy to welcome you to our conference and we thank you for your presence.

We would like to thank especially our honoured guest speakers, Dr. Marcus Jatsch and Daniel Libeskind, as well as our Cypriot speakers.

We need to congratulate the Committee of Development and Tourism of Limassol, as well as its President Mr.GiannisArmeftisfor their initiative and the undertaking alongside the Municipal Technical Department, of the conference’s organization.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, as without their support, this conference wouldn’t be possible.

Limassol has always been linked to the sea. The creation, at this very point where we stand now, of the first settlements 4000 years ago, was related to the presence of drinkable water, the local products –carobs, grapes, even copper later on-and Limassol’s reciprocal gulfwhere were easily effected.

We might not be exceptionally maritime as people but our character, our mentality and our temperament, even our festivals and fairs are linked to the sea.

This link was lost during the years of piracy, conquests and persecutions that our people suffered through, causing our beloved city to fall back when it came to its maritime presence, but with the arrival of the English, that link was restored once again.

The dock was built, the trade involving the surrounding countries was revived, and our port became the island’s gateway for new ideas, artists, musicians, theatrical groups, new machines and techniques.

However, this complete turn to the sea and everything that it stands for was peaked in the last forty (40) years, with the tourist development of the coastal area, the hotels and leisure facilities, the backfill’s creation, the construction of a four-lane coastal road, a footpath and a straight waterfront park, facilities for the swimmers, the construction of Fytideio Sports Center, the Zoo’s and Old Port’s reconstruction, the construction of the marina and the Castle area in close vicinity of the coastal area and other important projects.

The city’s institutions, the state’s authorities but also the private sector, which made the best of the new perspectives, bringing to life remarkable projects along the coastal front, were always supporters of the course that our city lead, with past Mayors and the Municipal Councils being in the lead.

Right now we focus on the coastal area, just between the old and the new port, the so called old industrial area with all the enormous and important buildings, where development will be making use of its large open areas, maintaining many of the elements of the past, while the impression of Limassol’s brilliant industrial history and the tough labour and social conflicts remains indelible. However, the performance of residential, commercial and tourist use amongst others, meets the modern needs and requirements.

The link between Limassol and the sea and the beach remains undisturbed and unchallenged. It will be forever preserved and inherited through different generations.
Our goal and aim is for the people to keep that particular link close to their hearts and to become an important aspect of every citizen of Limassol, the seamen, the harbour itself, the wine, the good company, the hospitality and our culture.