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Speeches by the Mayor

Speech by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Andreas Christou, at the 1st Annual City Branding Conference (November 26th, 2012 – Jerusalem)

It is a great honour and an equally great pleasure for me to stand here today and address this important meeting on a significantly important issue, that of Branding.

The objectives that can be achieved by a good brand are of significant importance: It insures honesty, it provides quality assurance.

It transfers a clear message

It confirms credibility

It connects people through sentiments

It mobilizes people

It formalizes the commitment of residents and friends of a city.

The project of Limassol Branding was undertaken at the right time; at a moment when our city, with power and pride, follows the road towards the development of its potentials and the efficient use of State, European as well as other funds, in order to be transformed into a modern and live city of Eastern Mediterranean.

The sea, highlighted as the prime advantage of the city, together with Limassol’s generosity, hospitality, entertainment, music and dance, come to blend seamlessly with its new multicultural and cosmopolitan characteristics.

Being a home to an ever-increasing international business community for financial activities, hub for servicing companies involved in exploitation of hydrocarbons  and a shipmanagement centre, the city blends perfectly with the uniqueness of the vibrant Wine and Carnival festivals, the archaeological riches, the picturesque villages of “commandaria” wine, the ancient monasteries, the beauties of mountains and the salt lakes.

All these are the branding, the trademark for our city, that we had to condense into two - three words, an emblem, a crest.

This is where the assistance of our brand strategist and friend Peter Economides was extremely useful and valuable as he came to assimilate all these and transform them into a special mixture, a unique amalgam, to achieve the highest results.

Branding is something that we all need.  It is something that our competitive society demands and something that we owe to our city and its fellow citizens.