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Speeches by the Mayor

Speech by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Andreas Christou, for the event “Waste Free Oceans (Cyprus)”, Tuesday, 9 October 2012, at 13.00 am.

We express our great pleasure for the organization of this event and we would like to congratulate all participants (Waste Free, Oceans Cyprus, Green Dot, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment) which contributed to preparing this event.

The matter is of great importance for the region of Limassol, and the local authorities who with the cooperation of the competent governmental services make  all possible efforts for the preservation and cleanliness of both the beaches and the maritime zones.

The particularity of our region lies within the fact that along the maritime bay there are two ports, an open anchorage as well as two Marinas, while at the eastern coast there is a large cement factory and two power plants.

At the same time, this area is preeminently a leisure zone for bathers, with four and five stars hotels, and therefore thousands of tourists are awaiting to enjoy a clean sea.

Despite the co-existence of port, industrial and tourist facilities, our beaches and seas are clean thanks to our continuous and constant efforts. Our efforts have proven to be fruitful as five beaches have been awarded with a blue flag.

There are, however, occasional phenomena of a small-scale and limited pollution, and this is the reason why we carry out further research and implement further measures to facing the problem.

The maritime area between the Marina and the port, where the town’s industries have been located for 60 years, is of substantial importance to our town.  

These industries are now being transferred to other areas while a town plan for rehabilitation is under way.

At this maritime and industrial zone, there are engineering workshops for the manufacture and maintenance of yachts and crafts. Therefore, a great number of old crafts has been accumulated over the years.

The research under development will include specific recommendations for the said area. These are the preservation and the reuse of a part of the old industrial buildings, the construction of a new road along the coast linking the Marina and the port, the creation of entertaining and recreation areas and probably an open museum development for displaying the old crafts.

This is an ambitious vision which will require efforts, time and financial support, but at the same time will transform the whole area into one of the most important and attractive areas of Limassol.