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Speeches by the Mayor

Address by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Andreas Christou,
on the occasion of the Junior Eurovision event, held at CarobMill, on 17th November 2008

Our dear children,
Dear guests,
Dear friends,  

It is with a great pleasure that Limassol welcomes you all to this song competition, in an atmosphere of mutual understanding  among the groups composed of young people coming from 15 countries.

We thank and congratulate the CBC and the EBU for this event. It is an honour for Limassol indeed to host this contest.

Limassol has a long history dating 3000 years back and I stress that the most ancient settlements have been discovered here at the place where we are with you now.

Limassol is a town beside the sea, a trade, maritime and business centre and a place, which is actually one of the most important shipping centres in Europe and in the whole world.

Our town has a long-lasting cultural tradition in theatre, dance and music. This is the town with more than 100 schools of dance, more than 30 choral societies, 7 groups of serenades, a municipal conservatory and many other groups involved in artistic activities.

Limassol is the town of wine and festivities; it is the place where every year in August the new vintage is welcome in the context of  a famous wine festival.

Limassol is the town of Carnival, which keep it in action and in an atmosphere of intense life for 10 days in the early Spring. Tens of thousands of people, Cypriots and foreigners watch and participate in the three carnival parades that take place, the one of which being for children.

Therefore, my dear friends, you are in a town renowned for its hospitality and its open-hearted people, which welcome its guests warmly with love and always offer to them a piece of its traditions as a souvenir. 

So, enjoy your stay here.

We are sure that you will.


And we are convinced that your performance will be excellent.

Good luck to all of you. I wish to you and to the children all over the world all the best, peace and happiness.