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Speeches by the Mayor

Αddress of the Mayor of Lemesos, Mr Andreas Christou, at the 18th International Business Conference, held of Thursday, 3rd July 2008 at 9.00 a.m. at Le Meridien Hotel


Dear guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

I, personally and on behalf of the people of Lemesos and the Municipal Council, address a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests.

I congratulate RBC and OTKRITIE Financial Corporation, which, by organizing this conference give to us, the competent Ministries and the State Institutions, the opportunity to bring out Cyprus and mainly Lemesos, as an important maritime and business center in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The town's port already offers excellent facilities, which many companies use indeed.  All services needed nowadays, are offered at the highest standard, once the works of expanding the breakwaters, upgrading the equipment and building a new passengers hall are completed.

Cyprus being a member State of the European Union, provides at the same time the high level of infrastructure, as well as the conditions of security and labour peace, which are the components of an ideal environment for maritime and international organizations setting up on our island.

In difficult times for both Russia and Cyprus a lot of Russian companies decided to make use of the advantages offered by our country and established their businesses here in Limassol, under the offshore regime.

Since then the Russian and Russian speaking business community in Limassol have been considerably increased and became an integral part of local society with considerable contribution in social, cultural and economic development of our city.

Lemesos is the biggest town of Cyprus, considering its surface and its population and it has turned to be the most important port in terms of transiting goods, while it has simultaneously become one of the most important tourism, trade and service center in the area.  The Lemesos port is actually the most eastern port of the European Union, being favourably located among three continents.

Lemesos Municipality and all our fellow citizens, consider the shipping as well as the international service companies a particularly determining factor of the town' s economy and development.  This is why assistance and support are now and will, in the future, be offered in a hospitable and familiar environment.

Lemesos is as well reputed for its long lasting tradition in cultural issues.  Here, the greatest folk events are held, making our town known to the whole world.  These events are the Wine Festival organized in autumn, the Carnival organized in winter and the big sport festival named after "THE LEMESIA", which also takes place in autumn.  At the same, Lemesos offers to its visitors a wide spectrum of museums and archaeological sites, sport facilities, cultural centers and also their participating in various recreational activities.

I hope that all the guests may have an opportunity to get an idea of our town, which is a unique combination of ancient, Byzantine, Frank, Venetian, Ottoman and contemporary cultural influences.

I once more congratulate the organizers, thank you for your participation and wish you success to the works of the conference.