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Map of traditional and contemporary artisans and intercultural stroll


Why this map was prepared and how to use it

This map was designed within a general study involving a part of the old town of Limassol that encompasses adjoining Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot neighborhoods.  The aim of the study was to reveal the wealth of the cultural heritage of Limassol, so as to help protect and promote the area in a sustainable manner. 

Such protection involves not only an appreciation of traditional buildings, but of the activities usually practiced within them. Since this is not a commercial map, it does not aim to advertise any particular establishment, but to show the range of artisan activity in the old town.

During a survey conducted in March – April 2003, over 100 establishments were recorded, which met the criterion of being either a traditional occupation and / or using traditional implements dating from at least the middle of the 20th century.  It is the first time that the traditional artisans of the area are being mapped.  Their activities and everyday lifestyle add to the local color, to the tradition of the town and to the quality of life of its residents. 

Also marked are the contemporary artisan and handicraft practitioners who have chosen to work in the old town. 

The preparation of the map coincided with the opening of the Green Line, enabling regular visits to all parts of Cyprus.  Consequently, in addition to foreign visitors who may be interested in the old town, this map should become very useful to the Turkish Cypriot former residents of Limassol who have not visited the town for many years, as well as to locals interested in their cultural heritage.

The map is marked with distinctive symbols to designate occupations and may be used to identify artisan activities.  It should be useful to those who either require particular services or would like to see traditional craftsmen at work.  
For those who have often wandered through the old town wondering about the significance of buildings, we also offer a colour coded “intercultural” stroll, through particular streets.  It is a walk that can be taken alone or with friends, at any time and can be as long or as short as the stroller desires.

Note – As this is not a commercial map it is always difficult to decide what to include and where to draw the line. 

Shops are  not included, nor does the map mark the many excellent restaurants / tavernas in the old town, except for the very traditional, family-run, eating places used by Limassolians for their lunch break and traditional coffee houses (kafenion). 

While every care has been taken to include all traditional and contemporary artisans, if any have been inadvertently overlooked, we apologize.

If you contact us on 25 358 632 we shall correct our error in future publications.